Oceano Liquid Fabric Wash

MRP : ₹ 380/-

Pack Size : 500 ml

•With better dissolution power than powder, Oceano Liquid Detergent removes 2x better stains than powder, protects the colour of fabric and is also safe on your hands
•The fabric softeners and potent yet gentle cleansers in it ensure that the color and sheen of your favorite outfits remain intact, stains get removed faster and all that’s retained is a lingering fragrance over the garments
•The exclusive cleansing agents ensure that the cleansing process requires minimal water and the detergent remains fully functional in hard water as well
A capful is enough for a bucket load of clothes and 1.5 to 2 caps are suggested for top load washing machines. For tough stain removal:
• Pre-treat the stain directly with the concentrate using your finger
• Apply water if required
• Dab gently and wash as usual
• Soak if required
Use on all types of washable fabrics including baby and woolen clothes.