Dear Business Partner,

I, on behalf of the entire Oceano family, congratulate you for choosing and joining the right bandwagon, which will help you achieve the goals of success that you have fixed for yourself and even more. As it is only Oceano that offers you endless opportunities to grow and excel in your career, you will certainly reach the pinnacle of success on this unique and resilient platform, if you decide to take full control of your life, learn from those who have achieved success and work following the guidelines laid by the Oceano system.

In your journey to your goal of success, we will be with you at each and every step and assist you with the excellent service and support, which makes Oceano a distinguished and respected entity in the direct selling industry.

At Oceano, we combine the concept of wellness and beauty together to provide people innovative products that help them to live a better quality life and our unique and visionary business plan ensures that people who strive to achieve financial freedom in life through the entrepreneurial course can realise their goals without facing any complication but by following a simple and easy-to-follow plan.

Oceano not only brings you wide-range of products through its advanced and innovative research and development, it also provides the best quality assurance, a futuristic management to lead you, excellence in customer delight through its world-class customer support and services. Being a transparent, down to earth and quality-oriented company, Oceano inculcates new methodologies and honest practices as core values in every individual associated with the business.

Life is extremely challenging; the obstacles on the road to success cannot stop anyone, rather, if correctly analysed, then those obstacles will show the way to surmount them and motivate us to run vigorously towards our goal. As a company, whose root is very humble and entrenched deep in the soil, Oceano's endeavour is to provide people with an opportunity to fix their compass needle correctly towards their goal and then chase and achieve their goals through an unbeatable and timeless plan.

I hope that you will carefully understand the business plan, which will be your success plan if you can diligently duplicate the actions that successful people before you have done to achieve their success and rise higher on the echelons in life. The moment you will grasp the essentials of the success plan and fix your mind in becoming successful and different than others by achieving your goals through your own actions, then no power on earth will be able to stop you from reaching the peak of achievements and self-accomplishment. This is the assurance of the time-tested plan of Oceano.

An endless opportunity is what we provide you and then you make that opportunity the locomotive that drives you to your destination of success and victory. I hope that you reach that peak of success that you have always wanted to, very soon, along with us.

Warm Regards

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Padam Kumar Agarwal


OceanoTotal Care Pvt. Ltd.


Oceano Total Care Pvt. Ltd.
17th Floor, Flat No. A11
Chatterjee International Centre
33A, Jawaharlal Nehru Road
Kolkata - 700 071
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Manufacturing Unit: Ayusri Health Products Limited